Monday, July 8, 2013

Then there was the time I crocheted this rug

It all started when my partner-in-crime, Jesse, went t-shirt shopping.

He got the wrong size and didn't know what to do. I realized that this presented a perfect opportunity to make t-shirt yarn. I grabbed some yummy Rit dye colors and got started.

Five hours and many loads of laundry later, I had three hot pink t-shirts, three teal shirts, and three orange shirts. With shirts in hand, I visited my Pinterest page for some helpful t-shirt yarn how-tos. I found super-easy and well-written tutorial. I got started.

I cut and trimmed and knotted and measured and cursed (just a little.) Eventually, I ended up with these happy little balls of cotton-y goodness.

I got a giant Size P crochet hook...

And got started on my first crochet rug. I found a great pattern and then this happened:

And this...

I will admit that it was not an easy task, crocheting with a big bulky hook and big bulky yarn. I worked at it for a few days, nearly lost my mind, and decided to take a break. Then I made peace with the silly rug and got back to work.

I made progress, and eventually a cute little rug emerged. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Now I am inspired. More to come - promise!

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