Friday, December 14, 2012

I Sell Thirty-One products, and I LOVE it!

Among many other things I am a Thirty-One Gifts Independent Consultant. I joined because I love the products, but lately life and work have slowed down my business. Now I have to pull out all the stops to close a party in December to maintain my status and my downline. I really LOVE working with Thirty-One and want to remain active with my great team. So here is my shamless plug for customers, along with an enticing special offer in December:

For every $31 you spend with me right now, you can get one of the above products - in any available pattern - for just $5! You can even get the Thermal Tote, one of my FAVORITE items, for $5!

I love Thirty-One, which I am sure I've said before, and I think it is a great company. I am very excited to promote the new catalog, and I also know you will love the fantastic products in the current catalog, so please shop with me online here:

Kristi's Online December Party - Grab your favorite Fall items before they are gone forever!

You can also call me at 717-781-2661 or email me at kristi at frenzmail dot net. to place your order or talk to me about hosting a party or becoming a consultant. I look forward to talking to you!

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  1. This promotion has ended, but I have a new one for January 2013. Please contact me for details!